Doctoral Thesis

-----Academic year 2017-----


 "Combination of Hyperthermia and Radiation Brachytherapy on Breast Tumor"

-----Academic year 2016-----

Shigeaki SUNADA

 "Fundamental study of radio-sensitization by low concentration of DNA-PK inhibitor"

-----Academic year 2015-----

Chhatkuli Ritu Bhusal

 "Development of a markerless tumor prediction system using principal component and multi-channel singular spectral analysis with real-time respiratory phase recognition in radiation therapy"

-----Academic year 2014-----

武 文晶

"Development of in Situ Quantitative Bridge Inspection System with Portable 950keV/3.95MeV Linac X-ray Sources"

藤澤 寛

"Studies on dose distribution, dynamics of DNA repair proteins and radio-sensitization associated with high LET radiation"

-----Academic year 2012-----

江頭 祏亮

 "Study for Improvement of the Dose Calculation Accuracy and its Application for Clinical Use in Proton Radiation Therapy"

裴 翠祥

 "Development of an enhanced laser-EMAT ultrasonic system and its application for defect inspection inside material"

-----Academic year 2010-----

李 基羽

 "950 keV X-band Linacを用いた2色X線イメージング物質識別研究"
 "Dual energy X-ray imaging for material recognition using 950 keV X-band Linac"

夏井 拓也

 "Scientific Verification of X-band Linacs for Industrial and Medical Uses"

水野 和恵

 "Study on pinpoint X-ray drug delivery system for cancer therapy"

朱 海涛

 "Positive Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles"

Trono Jade Dungao

 "Experimental Evaluation of Gold Nanoparticles for Future Application in Medical Imaging"

-----Academic year 2009-----

前川 陽

 "Study of real-time bunch shape monitor for femtosecond electron bunches based on Electro-Optic effect"

山本 智彦

 "Applications of Potable High Energy X-ray Source for Nuclear Maintenance"

宮武 彩

 "Beam ON-LINE PETによる照射領域画像情報を用いた高精度陽子線治療に関する研究"
 "Study of Innovative Proton Therapy with Irradiated Volume Image by Beam ON-LINE PET"

-----Academic year 2007-----

中村 啓


-----Academic year 2006-----

坂本 文人

 "Verification of RF System and Thermionic RF Electron Injector for Medical Monochromatic X-ray Source"

-----Academic year 2005-----

大久保 猛

 "Proof of femtosecond electron bunch generation by laser wake field acceleration"

深澤 篤

 "X-band RF Gun and RF System for Compact Compton Scattering Hard C-ray Source"

-----Academic year 2004-----

遊佐 訓孝

-----Academic year 2003-----

高屋 茂


-----Academic year 2002-----

渡部 貴宏


-----Academic year 2001-----

モハメド ハフス ナスル アブデルラハマン

 "Generation of Relativistic Ultrashort Electron Single Bunch via Interacting 12TW-50fs Laser Pulse with Gas-Jet Plasma"

-----Academic year 2000-----

木下 健一


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