招待講演(上坂 充)

"Opening Plenary: Advances in Plant Design, Construction and Operation", 2018 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants, Charlotte, NC, USA, April 8-11, 2018

"Global Nuclear Energy Human Resource Development and E-Learning System", Technical Meeting on Capacity Building and Human Resource Development for New and Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes Hosted by the Government of France through Électricité de France (EDF) Lyon, France 23–27 November 2015

"Advanced Accelerator Technology", 2nd Summit on Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (SNEST-2), Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China, 2, November, 2015



"Compact short-pulsed X-band linac based neutron source", CLIC (Compact LInear Collider) Workshop, CERN Geneva, Switzerland, Feb. 5, 2014,

"Compact Short-Pulsed Electron Linac Based Neutron Sources for Precise Nuclear Material Analysis", International Workshop on Nuclear Physics and Gamma-ray sources for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation (NPNSNP), Tokai, Japan, Jan. 28, 2014,

"Pinpoint X-ray cancer therapy system and DNA damage/repair analysis system", Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas (SPP, Physics Society of the Philippines), Cebu, Philippines October 25, 2013,


先端加速器科学技術推進協議会・第12回大型プロジェクト研究部会・第18回技術部会合同部会 ―医療用加速器のこれまでと、これから―、ベルサール八重洲 Room E(2F)、2011年2月3日「先端加速器と医学物理」,

X-band RF Structures, Beam Dynamics and Sources Workshop(XB-10), The Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology, UK, November 30, 2010

The US/Japan HEP Collaboration 30th Anniversary Symposium, Keauhou Beach Resort, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA, October 21, 2010
"Advanced and Innovative Accelerator"

第3回 未来エネルギーフォーラムシンポジウム~加速器・放射線利用の将来展望~、早稲田大学 西早稲田キャンパス、2010年9月28日

Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Annapolis, USA, June 16, 2010
"Laser plasma accelerator for medical and nuclear uses"


第2回 北海道大学医学研究科 連携研究センターシンポジウム2008/2/1

第6回 放射線による非破壊評価シンポジウム 2008/1/31

Conference of Application of Accelerator to Research and Industry, Fort Worth (USA), August., 2006
"Ultrashort electron beam with low emittance by laser plasma cathode and its application",

Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Lake Geneva, USA, July, 2006

November 3, 2005
“CTR Bunch Length Measurement of Monoenergetic and Maxwellian Electron Beams from Plasma Cathode”

13th International Symposium on Laser Spectroscopy, Daejeon(KAERI), Seoul, November, 2005
“Medical Application of Multi-beam Compton Scattering Monochromatic Tunable Hard X-ray Source”

ICFA(International Committee for Future Accelerator) Workshop on The Physics and Applications of Highbrightness Electron Beam, Sicily(Italy), October, 2005
“High Brightness Beam Applications:Inverse Compton Scattering”

Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Stony Brook, USA, July, 2004
“Femtosecond Beam Sources and Applications”

Conference of Application of Accelerator to Research and Industry, Fort Worth (USA), Nov., 2004
“New accelerators for femtosecond beam pump-and-probe analyses”

ICFA Workshop on Laser Beam Interaction, Oxford(UK), July, 2003
“Compact Compton Scattering Hard X-ray Source for Intravenous Angiography”

ICFA Workshop on Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics, Hiroshima(Japan), January, 2003
“Critical Issues in Plasma Accelerator”

Conference of Application of Accelerator to Research and Industry, Denton (USA), Nov., 2002
“Synchronization Performance of S-band Linac with Photocathode RF injector”

Advanced Accelerator Concept Workshop, Oxnard (USA) June, 2002
“Review of Recent Development of Photoinjectors in Japan”

International Workshop on Laser-Beam Interaction Workshop, Tokyo, Nov., 2000

Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Santa Fe (USA), June, 2000
“Review of Recent Development of Advanced Accelerators in Japan”

ICFA Workshop on 2nd Generation Plasma Accelerators, Kaldamili (Greece),July 1999
“Review of Recent Development of Plasma Accelerators in Japan”

基調講演(上坂 充)

"Status of nuclear energy and safety in Japan after Fukushima nuclear accident",

2nd Summit on Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (SNEST-2),

Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China, 2, November, 2015.

"Development and application of compact and on-chip electron linear accelerators for dynamic tracking cancer therapy and DNA damage/repair analysis",

"Human Resource Development Activities in Japan and Contribution to the Global Standards",

IAEA International Conference on Human Resource Development, May 15, 2014.

2013 International Conference on Applied Physics and Materials Science - ICAMS2013,

Davao, Philippines, October 26, 2013.

"International Nuclear Engineering Education Program at Nuclear Professional School, Univ. Tokyo",

International Conference on Nuclear Human Resource Development in Asia and the Pacific,

Melia Hanoi, Hanoi, VIETNAM, October 30, 2013.



日本物理学会第69回年次大会 領域1(放射線物理分科), 東海大学, 2014年3月29日


日本金属学会2013年秋期講演大会(金沢大学), 2013年9月18日

招待講演(山下 真一)

"Recent Radiation Chemical Study Related to Biology with Electron Accelerator(tentative)",
The Workshop on Coherent Light Source and Sciences 2017 (CLSS-2017), Hefei, P. R. China, November 2017.

"Sequential Radiation Chemical Reactions in Aqueous Solution of Halide Ions",
The 30th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry, Sicily, Italy, October 2017.

"Pulse Radiolysis of LiCl-KCl Molten Salt",
The 3rd International Workshop on Radiation Effects in Nuclear Technlogy (RENT3), Hefei, P. R. China, June 2016.

"Sequential Radiation Chemical Reactions in Aqueous Solutions of Br and Cl"
The 6th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry / DAE-BRNS the 13th Biennial Trombay Symposium on Radiation & Photochemistry (APSRC-2016/TSRP-2016), Mumbai, India, Jan. 5-9, 2016.

"Picosecond and Nanosecond Pulse Radiolysis of Melts of Lithium-Potassium Chloride",
The 29th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry, Windermere, UK, March 2015.

"Water Radiolysis with High-energy Heavy Ions: Conversion of Transient Water Radicals into Stable Product inside Heavy-ion Tracks",
Symposium on Bridging the Gap between Track Structure and Stable End Products, 56th Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society, Maui, HI, USA, September 2010.

"Water Radiolysis with Heavy Ions of Energies up to 28 GeV",
3rd Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry (APSRC-2010) / DAE-BRNS 10th Biennial Trombay Symposium on Radiation & Photochemistry (TSRP-2010), Lonavala, India, September 2010.

"Water Radiolysis with Steady-state Heavy-ion Beams from HIMAC",
15èmes Journées d'Etudes de la Chimie sous Rayonnement (JECR-2010), Bordeaux, France, May 2010.

"Water Radiolysis with Heavy Ions Having Energies up to 28 GeV: Investigation of Track Structure and Intra-Track Reactions",
ASR 2007 "International Symposium on Charged Particle and Photon Interactions in Matter", Tokai-mura, Japan, November 2007.

依頼講演(山下 真一)

"水の放射線分解における LET 効果",
日本応用物理学会放射線分科会・日本放射線化学会先進放射線シンポジウム SARAC 共催, 東京, March 2014.

放射線医学総合研究所理事長裁量経費創成型研究主催講演会, 千葉, December 2012.

第41回 放射線による制癌シンポジウム~基礎と臨床の対話~・第50回 日本放射線腫瘍学会生物部会学術大会, 宜野湾, JUne 2012.

日本放射線影響学会 第53回大会, ワークショップ「放射線誘発DNA損傷の真相(深層)へ-その構造・収率・分布解明のための新しい試み-」, 京都, October 2010.

"治療用重粒子イオンビームの放射線化学反応 (日本放射線化学会奨励賞受賞講演)",
第53回 放射線化学討論会, 名古屋, September 2010.

"重粒子線による水の放射線分解に関する研究: (1) トラック内反応と生物学的効果との関連",
日本放射線影響学会 第50回大会, ワークショップ「化学の目で見る放射線生物学」, 幕張, November 2007.

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