The Uesaka laboratory is consisted with 2 groups. One group is mainly focusing on the accelerator experiment in Tokaimura (200km north of Tokyo), and the other member are working in the Hongo campus (Tokyo).

At the Tokai-mura site, we are using (S-band linac, X-band linac, 12TW laser system, neutron source) and has sent a fun study life lively experimental apparatus fulfilling nuclear major within. You can catch the ball and soccer in After Work, sending research and fulfilling life away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Tokai-mura only.

It is involved in the research activities focusing on study of medical engineering in Hongo campus. I make use of home-court advantage of Tokyo, we are working in medical engineering cutting-edge research in collaboration (other laboratories, research institutes, private companies) and various organizations.

Our particular focus is on English education presentations and experience in the Society. Of course, it will be presented at an international conference in MSc students are many academic conferences in the country. The students are strongly recommended to study abroad, I hope that along with the skills of English, to obtain a wide range of insight.

There are many events such as, ski trip and laboratory travel once a year, and so on cherry-blossom viewing in the spring, the event in the laboratory. In addition, I have also participated in (such as a bowling tournament and summer festival) event in the major nuclear power in the Tokai-mura. We work hard and play hard!

Typical Events of Uesaka Lab.

April: Cherry-blossom viewing, welcome party

May: Sumo wrestling watching

July: Summer night festival in Tokai-mura

October: Lab. trip

November: Bowling competition in Tokai-mura

March: Ski tour, farewell party

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